What Sports Are Popular in Pakistan and Why?

What Sports Are Popular in Pakistan and Why?

What Sports are Popular in Pakistan and Why? Global Fan Base And Audience Pakistan are one of the developing countries of the world. Hence, the global fan base of a sport can hardly be defined. Popularity can only be quantified based on the number of people who watch a particular game. It must be considered that most people who care about popular sports are doing so for reasons other than just as a spectator.


Many different sports attract the attention of other people in the world. Cricket is one of these. Not only does it bring the fans close to their television sets, but it has something to teach everyone. A big reason why cricket is such a popular sport in the country is that it brings the people together in a common cause. Other popular sports in Pakistan include; boxing, badminton, handball, tennis, swimming, and horse racing.


Even though there are so many popular sports, each sport has its fans in different areas. Cricket has its supporters all over the country, and they go to games in all conditions. Similarly, football has been supported all across the country, and fans are seen at home and on the streets. Boxing and badminton are prevalent sports that attract people at the national level and in the international arena. With such a dedicated following and the game’s popularity, what causes cricket and football fans to become excited about the game and why?

Cricket and football

Cricket and football fans have always appreciated a good game. The history of cricket is steeped in rich tradition, and the passion for the game is unparalleled. It’s easy to forget that cricket started as just a way to make money. However, it gained international status because of the influence of the players. Without the people and the passion backing the game, no T20 tournament would ever have taken off in the country.


There is no doubt that cricket’s popularity is fuelled by many factors, most prominent among them being the great players like Sachin Tendulkar and legends like Michael Holding and Rahul Dravid. However, the most crucial reason for the popularity of cricket is the format and the way it is played. The people love to watch matches which are played on an oval or a diamond-shaped field. Not only do the fans enjoy the game, but they also thoroughly enjoy the format and how the match is being played.


It is impossible to deny that cricket has popularized much of the younger generation in the country. One cannot easily ignore the impact that cricket has had on the youngsters’ psyche in the country. This is the very reason why kids are fond of the game and are eagerly waiting for their turn to play cricket even when there is no professional cricketing league in the country. This is also one reason why it is considered one of the most popular sports in Pakistan and is widely played by the younger generation.

other sports

The other sports that are being watched and played by the younger generation in Pakistan and popular with the audience are hockey and basketball. These two sports have their unique charm, which draws the audience and makes them excited about the game. Cricket is the only sport that can be played by any individual regardless of age, and playing the game is a symbol of status for any person belonging to any social class. Therefore, this is the reason why many parents are buying kits to buy their children’s shoes and clothes to wear during tournaments.


When talking about the most famous sports in Pakistan and why they are being played, cricket tops the list. Not only is cricket the most watched and played game on television, but it is also The most lucrative and competitive sport in the country. Cricket is played by hundreds of thousands of players and is one of the most expensive sports to play. Some of the famous players who have made it big in cricket include Azhar Ali, Waqar Younis, Rizwan Butt, Asaduzzaman, Azhar Zaman, Chittoraj Pillai, Salim Rashid, Shazahn Padamsee, Waqar Khan, and Sarfraz Ahmed. However, these are just some of the famous names; hundreds of other cricketers from all across the country have become household names.

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