The Impact of Technology on Employment

The Impact of Technology on Employment

Technology has had a profound impact on employment in all sectors. From telecommuting jobs to manufacturing plants, computers to mobile phones, computers to the Internet, there has been a profound impact on work. Some sectors have seen a massive impact on employment, while others have remained unaffected. One industry that has suffered a great deal in the healthcare industry. The effect of technology on work has not been good for the healthcare industry.


According to studies, the impact of technology on employment has resulted in job losses in the healthcare industry. The analysis further states that the losses have been mostly caused due to technology-related issues like redundant work, underutilization of resources, and skilled professionals’ unavailability. As a result of these issues, thousands of professionals emigrate from the United Kingdom to other countries. Like many other countries, the UK is dealing with issues arising out of the impact of technology on employment.


The government has been dramatically affected by the impact of technology on employment issues. The UK is majorly affected by the problem of unemployment and remains highly dependent on foreign labor. The British pound has weakened to a great extent due to the issue of currency depreciation. This negative impact of technology on employment has resulted in lower wages and job losses. The British people have also become skeptical about the efficiency and the performance of the British economy.

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In the United States, too, the situation is adverse. Many companies have shut down their operations in the United States and have reduced their headcount. However, the positive side of the story is that employment has not declined as much as it is in the United Kingdom. The reduction in headcount is mainly due to the emergence of technology-based firms in the United States. The British people are not interested in entering new markets because of the fear of losing jobs.


The impact of technology on employment can be seen in Europe. The European Union has been hit by the global financial crisis, more than any other part of the world. In Europe, there are growing worries about the loss of employment. The rising unemployment rate creates anxiety in society, especially in the countries that are most affected by the crisis. Spain’s unemployment level is over 20%, in Italy over 10% and in Greece almost as high at around 20%.


The impact of technology on employment is worrying because there are many new and innovative employment opportunities. Computer technology and innovation are creating jobs in many countries and sectors. The computer industry is growing very fast in China and India, and many other Asian countries. The Internet is expanding worldwide, with more people becoming internet savvy.


Technology has also affected the way companies are looking for employees. Many companies have replaced the secretary with an online applicant tracking system that allows them to find the person that matches the qualifications they are searching for. This means that there are many people online who may not be looking for a direct job but still qualify for the position. People have lost their jobs because companies no longer used face to face interviews and were more attracted to online applications.


The impact of technology on servents has been documented in many different ways. The fact is that the majority of the workforce is adapting to the changes that technology brings. However, many people are affected by the recession and have not yet found a way to keep up with the pace. The economy improves, and the job market begins to pick up, the impact of technology on employment will start to turn around for some people.

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