About Us

Al Munsif, a pioneer of a Pakistani news website, is working on a philosophy that leaves viewers with “Har Lamha Bahabar.” Bakhbari is an Urdu word meaning information.

It is a goal that broadcasters want to achieve by not leaving natural stones as they investigate at the heart of any story, both locally and internationally.

In addition to comprehensive hourly coverage and updates, Al Munsif offers a wide range of prominent topics such as politics, economics and finance, currency and stock markets, fashion entertainment, and weather updates.

It has always been a priority to inform as much as possible about the most exclusive and exciting aspects of the news.

After the story is published on the Internet, it is modified and updated during the story’s development.

Also, this website has attractive blogs and attractive features from experienced writers and prominent journalists.

With a network of more than 17 correspondents strategically located throughout Pakistan and worldwide, Al Munsif is at the forefront of all the most important news.